Plumstead is situated just south of Wynberg. The fairly large suburb has a main road splitting the residential area. It is along the main road where you’ll find many quaint shops and antique stores.

The suburb of Plumstead is one of many areas in the Southern Suburbs that contain quality education institutions. Residents also have the choice of a number of shopping centres to visit. For those sport enthusiasts, Plumstead has incorporated the Cape Town Cricket Club and the Plumstead Tennis Club, both of which are located along the main road, Victoria Road.

Plumstead boasts a pleasantly calm neighbourhood. Upon your visit you’ll find residents taking long walks and stopping for a chat with neighbours.

This suburb is easily accessible as the main road is connected to many other popular suburbs in Cape Town. During peak hours the area takes on a different persona as the bustling traffic and commuters can be seen making their way to and from work.

You can easily hire a reliable car to discover Plumstead at your leisure.

Here’s awesome places to visit while you’re there:

Chris Nixon Bike Park 

kid riding bike at chris nixon bike park


The Chris Nixon Bike Park is the perfect training ground for bike enthusiasts of all levels. The sculpted track is where you’ll get to test those extreme jumps and drops. This is a place for bikers of all ages and is open to the public.

Constantia Village Shopping Centre

outside of constantia village shopping centre


This is where you’ll get to shop for all sorts of things for your home. The Constantia Village Shopping Centre has a variety of stores for all your home décor requirements. The variety ranges from galleries, antiques, clothing boutiques, jewellers, and interior décor. There’s definitely something for everyone. More importantly, you’ll find delicious food halls where unique cuisines are sold.

Farriers Centre

storefront of farriers place


The Farrier Centre is situated in what looks like a hidden alley. Here you’ll find gift shops, cafés and restaurants. The centre also boasts a beautiful garden, lush trees and water features. Enjoy a hearty cuppa as you take in the natural beauty and relax.

Stodels Garden Centre

stodels garden centre


Shades of green, the Stodels Garden Centre boasts a lush nursery. Here you can purchase both indigenous and exotic plants.  For a small nursery, it has a great amount of stock and variety. What’s more, they have almost everything you would need at the hardware store. Be sure to spend hours here as you’ll fall in love with the service.

Martin’s Bakery

martin's bakery


Indulge in some pastry goodness at Martin’s Bakery. Here you can grab a meticulously crafted coffee and freshly baked homemade sandwiches at their little café. A continental feel, the bakery offers a European experience with its styled-decor and Italian cuisine. The most popular dish is the Martin’s Large Breakfast, one you have to try. Martin’s Bakery could arguably be one of the best bakeries in the Southern Suburbs.

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