Feel the Latin Heat with Carlos Santana

2020-11-05 12:09:59

Rising to prominence through a breakthrough performance at Woodstock in 1969, Carlos Santana has a career that’s spanned over half a century.

And now, he’s coming to South Africa.

The Legend Of Santana

Born in Mexico in 1947, Carlos Santana was taught music from an early age: his father, a mariachi musician, introduced him to violin at the age of five and guitar at eight.

But while he may have started out playing violin, the guitar would be the instrument with which he made his name.

In the 60s, after several years working as a dishwasher and busking in his spare time, Santana took the leap to become a fulltime musician.

Over the next several years, his band’s style of Afro-Cuban and Latin Rock attracted many fans, culminating in the electric performance at Woodstock – a performance that featured an eleven-minute instrumental and cemented the band’s place in the minds of music fans.

The next several decades saw Santana’s sound grow, incorporating blues, jazz fusion and more to create a unique sound.

The Divination Tour

Santana is currently travelling the globe as part of the Divination Tour, coming together in South Africa with special guests Mango Groove.

On 11 April he will be appearing at Cape Town Stadium, the scene of the 2010 Soccer World Cup and soon to be the host to the spectacle that is Carlos Santana.

The stadium in Green Point is itself a spectacle, a white edifice of curving metals.

The stadium in full swing can sit up to 55 000 people; the Santana concert will make use of a more intimate set up that will include seating on the field itself.

Getting there

While it is possible to use public transport to make your way to Green Point, the fact is that on the day you’ll likely have a tricky time – crowds and surge-pricing are likely to affect any plans in that direction.

For those visiting Cape Town, a better option by far is to use a hire car: not only will this option allow you to get there easily and safely, you’ll be able to visit the many fantastic bars and restaurants of Green Point and nearby Seapoint (always remembering to drink responsibly, of course).

And what better way to finish a night of Latin grooves than with a night cap overlooking Sea point promenade?

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